Privacy policy

A C A Tax Corporation well recognized that importance of personal information and handled them with most careful attention. Our internal purposes and announced the parties concern hereby established privacy policy and implement in the proper manners conformity with the competent laws and regulations.

‘A C A would collect the personal information:
A C A would collect the personal information from client company, its employee and relevant parties in accordance with competent laws and regulations. A C A considers important that consent from the party and prior explanation as to purpose of utilize the personal information.

‘A C A would utilize the personal information with the following purposes:
A C A would utilize the personal information which were collected with proper manners as above and purposes of the utilization are as follows:
(1) Licencsd tax accountant business and related services.
(2) Consulting services related to the management, accounting and tax.
(3) Reporting and communication related to the above services.

‘A C A would maintains careful security measurements:
A C A would maintains personal information with proper and strict controls in order to meet better security measurements. Our careful attention to prevent leakage, loss and damages will be implemented.

‘A C A doesn't disclose personal information:
A C A doesn't disclose the personal information without consent and approval by the client, its employee and relevant persons.

A C A would keep the best condition of privacy policy and comply with competent laws and regulations as well as review and try better solutions.

Established: July 18, 2018

Privacy Policy (Japanese version)



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