Our clients

Our clients come from (country or area HQ locates):
a) Japan
b) USA
c) EU
d) China
e) Asia
They are Japanese companies, subsidiaries and branch companies of foeign corporation.
We communicate timely with local management and HQ person in charge as well as financial reporting.

Our recommendations

We are pleased to welcome a new client company who are interested in business expand in Japan.
We recommend you to start up small size business.
We provide you with our full support services.
Presently, 6,000 foreign companies are listed according to METI statistic and we presume more new business will be coming in toward 2020 Tokyo Olympic.

Partner's messages:

We provide and challenge best services with client company aiming to contribute with client companies of healthy growth.
Our effort try the best services with speedy, good quality and timely communication.
Also, we will keep careful attention for compliance and privacy protection.



ACA Tax Corporation
Tamagawagakuen Garden House B-208, 8-7-7, Tamagawagakuen, Machida-shi, Tokyo, Japan §194-0041
TEL: 81-42-850-8850
FAX: 81-42-850-8812
E-mail: aca.kaikei@gmail.com
Representative CPTA,
Ryoichi Mima